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Our Work

Following are the activity-specific verticals for implementation in NFTR:

  • 1. Training & Skill Development: Promote and undertake various Training and Skilling programs for generation of quality human resources.
  • 2. Research and Entrepreneurship: Facilitate Scientific Research, Innovation, Technology familiarization & Implementation to augment livelihood benefits.
  • 3. Content Development: Creation of well-researched and knowledge-based digital materials/contents that can be disseminated using various mediums including print, digital, events and other means.
  • 4. Literature and Culture: Promote literary work, art, dance and culture in various forms; Organization of lectures, discussions, exhibitions etc.
  • 5. Nurturing Institutions: Create/Nurture institute(s) and/or participate with the existing institutions to promote activities in areas of healthcare, agriculture, animal health, environment, and culture.